(Translated to English) 

​"Ivy is BEAUTIFUL. She has already competed in a "match" and won 3 first places and 1 second place.

1st Best of Category
1st Best of Breed Puppy
1st Best of Breed

2nd Best of Group VIII Adult and Puppy
I have a personal coach for her that gave her the Good Citizen course, and says that she has lots of potential for winning important awards in conformation competitions and dog shows.....I think that she inherited the beauty of her parents and deserves to be shown and in that way honor them.
I currently live in XXXXXXXX and therefore there are few English Goldens in the competitions and without a doubt Ivy is more beautiful, the best structured of all. I send you greetings and gratitude for the attention you've given to always answer all my questions."
--Maria del R. P.

"Hope this finds you well! Just wanted to share a quick update on Piper & Frosty. They are thriving, full of energy, and brings so much joy to our home. Thank you for bringing this bundle of happiness into our lives!"

​--Wendy N.

"Just amazing how much they teach us every day. Mainly unconditional love."                                               -- Alla K. 

"Good evening,  We just got home from Fort Smith for our vet check.  Everything was fine and Atlas weighed it at 14 and1/2 lbs.  Our granddaughter wants to name him Walker so you can put that on his paper work.  Walker and Calli are in the middle of the floor chasing each other right now.  Calli is our granddaughter.  She just loves him already.  Will you be having puppies in the near future?  Please let us know we may be interested in additional purchases.  People that have seen Walker thing he is great. We could also let friends know when you have future litters.
-- Steve and Linda W."

"I have owned my beautiful, female puppy I purchased from Rex for three weeks now. I would recommend to anyone looking for a healthy puppy with both parent's pedigrees and OFA certifications, to consider buying a puppy from Rex and his wife."
-- Lynn K.

"He is such a part of the family. He is a "hit" everywhere he goes. Thank you for such a wonderful handsome puppy. This picture is now my screen saver. :)"
-- Shelley Ann I.

"We purchased our puppy "Goldie" in December 2014. I checked references, and got two wonderful responses from people who had bought puppies from them. I also checked with the vet, who spoke positively about them. We picked up our puppy at 8 weeks 3 days. She is even better than expected! When we got her, she was already VERY close to being housebroken! They had taught her to go in the grass, and she came home with a strong "sense" that the grass is her toilet. As long as we take her out very often, she is basically housebroken. She is only 10 weeks now and has even sat by the door a few times to let us know she wants to go outside. She also learned to sit on command after just 3 times of teaching her (less than 3 minutes). We are still working on other tricks/commands! I highly recommend this breeder!"
-- Lori C.

English Golden Retriever Puppies

"We are having a blast with him. We took him shopping at PetSmart today and got him Blue buffalo food and a TON of toys --they had a sale ; ) lol -- Potty training is going well so far. He LOVES treats for going potty outside. I got him a big velour plush bed to sleep on. This baby is spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!! He loves little walks by the lake and playing outside with the kids.Right now he is trying to learn steps. He just loves to be carried around and petted all the time. If he is not being held and petted, he likes to carry around toys in his mouth or find mischief to get into. He is already a family member. Thank you for everything."

-- Nicole C.

"I am so thankful for my puppy. I named him Wilson. He is healthy and doing great! He is almost 11 months old and weighs almost 60 lbs. He loves everyone that he meets.
Wilson is very playful. He has a lot of toys but he likes his two bears the best. He likes to take walks and does great on the leash. Our backyard is pretty big and open and he loves to run especially if there is something for him to chase.
I take him everywhere with me and he gets so many compliments. He loves the extra attention, too. He is a very handsome little guy.
Wilson is very sweet too. He likes to sit with me and watch the Dog TV channel or any show with animals. He is terrified of hippos on TV!
I have attached a few pictures. He is just amazing! I absolutely love him! Thank you!"
-- Bill

"Those are the most beautiful babies. I have a two year old from Forever Your Puppies. He’s perfect in every way."

--Wendy W.

English golden retriever puppies

"Words can not describe our much joy and love Umka has brought to our family. We all dearly love her and enjoy every moment being with her. She is a true gift of unconditional love that deeply touches our hearts and lives. She is very smart, intelligent, lots of fun, and a pure magnet for hugs and kisses. Its just addicting. She became a member of our family, and it's hard to treat her as a dog – she is just like a human being. She understands and anticipates our every move and like a “caring mother” loves to watch and play with the kids and family. She truly has a Golden heart and amazing character. She knows how to melt everyone's heart. Rex and Zoe, it was a blessing to find you and get such a wonderful Golden friend. Thank you!!!"
-- Alla K. (repeated customer)

"Danny is just sooo amazing. He sits, I use patience for 4 minutes and he sits that long, hits the bell to go out back, uses the doggie door, has learned speak and also gives his paw at 11 weeks. He does like the dirt but he is a boy..lol we just love him. ......We just love Danny. I have a friend looking for a pup. I gave them your site."

-- Shannon S.


"Hi there ! We would like to share Lizzie's first walk in the park with us :) I'm impressed with her excellent recall ability , she bonded right away with Josh , thank you so much Rex and Zoey! We will definitely recommend foreveryourpuppies to our friends :) very professional, reputable breeder! We couldn't be happier:)"
-- Joey M.

"I adopted a puppy from Forever Your Puppy, and could not be happier ... and could not have found a better breeder to do business with. It has been some time since I owned a puppy, and had ALOT of questions, and some special requests ... and wanted to know from the ground up, how to best take care of and raise this puppy ... This breeder ALWAYS made himself available .. and went way out of his way to help me ... and make sure everything was done right the first time, and the transition from his home to mine, was excellent. I highly recommend this breeder."
-- Richard B.

"I just got my puppy and named him Tanner!!! He is so sweet and so smart and Rex and Zoey are so easy to work with. They always answer your calls and the puppies are raised with their children!!! Tanner has brought us a ray of sunshine and he is an angel!!!!! Thank you Rex and Zoey!!!"
-- Valerie C.

"We love this puppy! She is such a good girl and wonderful with the children. We are so happy she is part of our family, thank you again!"
-- Tiffany D.

"Amos is now Charger
Thought you’d like these pictures. He goes everywhere with me even to Work.
I have a business Sofas by Design. People come in just to see him. He Loves his toys too.
Thank you so much He’s loved.
Ive also given people your name and website because he’s such a good boy and hansom. Thank you again. He’s loved so much."
-- Deborah A.

"Dakota is such a good boy! He lovvvvves his ball and the beach!
Take care,
-- Jim, Laura and Malia W."