English Golden Retriever Puppies

About Us

I am a small hobby breeder dedicated to producing healthy and beautiful English Golden companions. Our puppies come health approved by our licensed veterinarian and pre-spoiled and socialized by our family.  I grew up on a ranch and have been a dog breeder since 2000.

We have a teenage son living at home and 5 older children and granddaughters who visit frequently.  Our entire family takes part in caring for all our goldens, as well as other animals on our ranch.  We feel it a privilege to be able to raise goldens  because we know that their special characteristics of being extremely loyal, loving, and smart make them exceptional companions. In addition to spending time with and caring for all our furry friends, we enjoy spending time together as a family, working and cooking together, and enjoying the outdoors.

We have chosen to focus on what is known in the U.S. as the "English" or "European goldens," a.k.a. "English creams."  Simply, these are golden retrievers with very recent lines from Europe. Research has shown that they have about 1 1/2 years of longer life expectancy and about 37% lower rate of cancer as their American golden counterpart.  English goldens also tend to have a blockier head and muzzle, slightly stockier build, flatter top line and rounder eyes that are more level with their ears.  Their coat coloring also tends to be lighter.  Still, English or American, they are the same breed -- Golden Retriever, and we ultimately breed for sound temperament, structure and health.

Because we have a high regard for the golden retriever breed and want to provide you with the best possible service, we are committed to continue learning as much as we can about improving the breed.  We are continually expanding our knowledge by attending breeder education classes, consulting with our veterinarian and other experienced breeders and professionals, and doing much of our own research from books and online literature. We attend Pinnacle Pet's and MPBA's annual breeder conferences to get thorough and up-to-date information on improving our breeding program. Classes at the conferences are eligible for college credit and include a wide range of topics, for example, breeding stock selection and care to the latest vaccination/worming protocol and socialization techniques for puppies.  We are also active and participating members of the MPBA, Missouri Pet Breeders Association and register all our puppies through the American Kennel Club.

In addition to consulting with our local veterinarian Dr. Bruce Hood at Countryside Veterinary Small Animal Clinic in Bolivar, MO, we closely follow the recommendations of Dr. Bramlage, retired Director of Veterinary Services at Revival Animal Health.  Not only has Dr. Bramlage had over 30 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Bramlage is an expert in healthy breeding practices and disease management .  He has been a frequent lecturer at the annual conferences we attend, and we have spoken with him personally several times  to get his expert advice.  We use many of Revival Animal Health's products, including DocRoy's  and Breeder's Edge product lines to optimize the health of our puppies and their parents. Please feel free to visit Revival Animal Health's website and take the opportunity to learn from the numerous publications, videos, and webinars located in the "Learning Center." 

We also strongly recommend NuVet Labs products, including NuJoint immune system support and  hip and joint supplements, which we use regularly to support the health and  joints of our breeding dogs.  To learn more about these exceptional quality supplements and products, please visit:  www.nuvet.com/707079.

We will gladly provide references upon request.  We have lots of loyal customers, many who have bought multiple puppies from us.