• ​Current vaccinations and dewormers

  • 1 year health guarantee

  • Health examination and certificate by veterinarian

  • Microchipped

  • An  AKC Puppy Package, which includes:​

  1. A Pre-paid AKC Registration - Registration is Limited (meaning no breeding rights), unless customer has requested and been approved for Full Registration (breeding rights), which is an additional fee.  Please contact us for more information.

  2. AKC New Puppy  DVD

  3. AKC Pet Insurance: 30 days of pet health insurance with up to $1,500 in coverage  

  • Early Neurological Stimulation ("Bio Sensor" or "Super Dog" stimulation program) during Days 3-16 of puppy's life.  To see the research article with more information on how this is a proven method to increase a puppy's longterm health and performance, please click below: ​


​            ​To watch a brief YouTube video of the exercises, please click below:

​ ​​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G31N_gmUkE0

  • Exposure to numerous environmental stimuli and experiences – children & adults, bath, blowdryer, outdoors, music, toys, and an audio CD  specifically designed to desensitize our puppies to the following list of sounds:  fireworks, crowds, thunderstorms, car engine, traffic in city/country/highway, airplane, crying baby, dog/cat, washing machine, vacuum, hairdryer, hair clipper, door knocking, and doorbell.

  • Socialization and love by our entire family, including 4 children living at home 

  • Introduction to potty training

  • Sample take-home bag of puppy food

  • Parents with excellent temperaments, champion bloodlines, and tested for genetic defaults.

​​All our puppies come with the following comprehensive care and package:

Puppy Package

English Golden Retriever Puppies

English golden retriever puppies